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LED lights to replace wedge base incandescent bulbs in cars, trucks, landscape lighting, emergency lighting and other. Every bulb is IP-50 rated. Lifetime warranty!

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Wedgelight LED Lamps

LED lamps to replace wedge-based incandescent bulbs


Wedge Lights LED lamps are carefully designed to deliver the same light output in a perfectly spherical pattern as the corresponding wedge-based incandescent bulbs.  They draw only a fraction of the current (typically about 15%), stay much cooler, and last forever. 

That’s right, we give a lifetime warranty on all our lamps.  Here’s a list of the lamps we currently provide


Incandescent #                Wedgelight #

37                                           M37

73                                           M73

74                                           M74

85                                           M85

147                                         M147

158                                         M158

161                                         M161

168                                         M168

175                                         M175

193                                         M193

194                                         M194

280                                         M280

285                                         M285

400                                         M400

590                                         M590

656                                         M656

657                                         M657

658                                         M658

901                                         M901

906                                         M906

909                                         M909

912                                         M912

914                                         M914

915                                         M915

916                                         M916

918                                         M918

923                                         M923

927                                         M927

928                                         M928

939                                         M939

2721                                       M2721

2821                                       M2821

2825 (W5W)                           M2825

3652                                       M3652

12v, 4w landscape                ML04

12v, 7w landscape                ML07

12v, 11w landscape              ML11

Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Can you get shocked plugging or unplugging our lamps? 

Answer - Our lamps range in voltage from 4v to 28v.  At 28v you would probably feel a little tingle if you put your tongue or wet fingers across it, but with dry fingers, you won't feel a thing.  I've done it many times.


Question:  Since your LED lamps are all made in the USA, how can you offer such great prices compared to LED lamps made in China?

Answer:  Other LED replacements for wedge base bulbs use LEDs that typically have a viewing angle of about 120 degrees.  Because of this, their lamps must consist of multiple printed circuit boards with multiple LEDs on each board, often laboriously hand soldered together, in order to get the correct light distribution and brightness.  We use a special LED that has a 180-degree viewing angle, so we can do it all on one pc board with a minimum of labor and fewer LEDs.  Lifetime warranty!  Made in America!


Question:  I can’t seem to locate a 175 bulb.  Can you help?

Answer:  The owner’s manual for many cars (e.g. Lexus) list the 175 incandescent bulb as the bulb of choice for certain things, like the vanity mirror light and the map light, but it is very difficult to find.  It looks like the 194 lamp but provides about twice as much light.  I think one reason this bulb has become almost obsolete is that it gets quite hot and as a result probably doesn’t last very long.  We have the solution!  Our M175 LED lamp provides the same amount of light as the 175, but doesn’t get nearly as hot.  Plus, it has our usual lifetime warranty on it.







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